Our Mission

The Rochester Jamaican Organization, Inc. was formed to provide an association that will make available to Jamaicans and friends of Jamaica a network that will provide access to resources that will positively impact social conditions of Jamaicans in Jamaica and Rochester, NY.

On behalf of the Executive Board, Advisory Council and members of the Rochester Jamaican Organization, Inc., please accept my warmest welcome. As members of the Jamaican Diaspora we stand committed to serving our community (both in Jamaica and Rochester, NY), the pillar upon which the Rochester Jamaican Organization, Inc. was founded. The organization is committed to its charge of perpetuating the Jamaican heritage in the Rochester community while facilitating assimilation into the American society; and improving the living and educational conditions of the underprivileged in Jamaica. This is only possible with your help. As we embark on these goals, personal responsibility remains a key factor; but the collective wisdom of this organization and our country will propel us to the overall community and national development to which we aspire. Once again, welcome.

Joel Frater, Ed.D

"In 2012, the people of Jamaica celebrate 50 years of political Independence. At 50, Jamaica is a young nation, a developing democracy; but there is much to celebrate. Jamaica has followed a path of nation building with several challenges and triumphs along the way. The country has forged ahead with several infrastructure developments and is today a modern country which has established its place among the League of Nations. Indeed, although Jamaica is one of the tiniest countries in the world, it has made a big impact. It is one of the best known countries, celebrated for its beauty, culture, cuisine, the example of racial harmony that it continues to be, and the outstanding fetes of its citizens in various sectors. Jamaicans have delighted, challenged and mesmerized the world. The Jamaica 50 celebrations will celebrate the island's nation building experience and the successes of its people. The celebrations will highlight the positives of Jamaica - the warmth and creativity of our people, the beauty of our island, the vibrancy of our culture, the brilliance and talent of our people. Jamaica 50 will be amazing and memorable; it will equal or surpass the euphoria of 1962; it will be a wellspring of national pride, energizing Jamaicans at home and abroad; and it will engage the attention of the world."

–Reprinted from www.jamaica50.com

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